Star Munchkin Space Ships

The doughty Space Ranger and his Feline companion watched out the portholes as the Cyborg pilot deftly steered their shuttle through the spaceport.

“Maybe we’ll get the Millennium Penguin!” said the Feline, her tail twitching with excitement.

“I’m betting on the Cattlestar,” the Cyborg said in his metallic monotone.

The Space Ranger got as far as, “I heard it might be the Second–” and then fell silent as their shuttle aimed for a small, decrepit ship at the edge of the port.

“Not the Horsefly!” said all three, in unison.

Dear to a starfaring munchkin's heart (as of now) is his sturdy Ship. Because, of course, it gives bonuses. Ships are found in the Door deck.

Normally, no player can have more than one Ship. Cheat! cards and Otto can allow extra Ships.

Ships are Items, and follow normal Item rules. Anything that affects an Item can af- fect a Ship. Ships carry themselves. All Ships are Big items, which does not matter if you are playing only Star Munchkin, but will come into play in combined games. Ships do not count against your total of Big items.

There are also a few Items that specifically enhance Ships. Ships can also be enhanced by regular “Item Enhancers” from other sets, if those Enhancers otherwise apply.

Enhancers cannot be moved between Ships. A Ship with an Enhancer adds the Enhancer's Gold Pieces value to its own.

If a Ship gives a bonus or penalty to Run Away, that replaces any bonus that its owner gets from Footgear, Steeds (in a blender game), or other possessions. If your Ship gives you a penalty to Run Away, you may discard the Ship before you roll to flee. You don't suffer the penalty, but the Ship goes to the discard pile.

And…if you have more than one Ship, you get all their combat bonuses and the best Run Away bonus. You may ignore any penalty from one ship that the other doesn't also give you, because, being a munchkin, you are always on the best ship at any particular moment.

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Card design by Andrew Hackard Munchkin designed by Steve Jackson Illustrated by John Kovalic

Chief Operating Officer: Philip Reed

Munchkin Czar: Andrew Hackard

Production Artist: Alex Fernandez

Prepress Checker and Database Wizardry: Monica Stephens

Marketing Director: Paul Chapman

Director of Sales: Ross Jepson

Playtesters: Paul Chapman, Matthew Krous, Devin Lewis, James Vicari, and Loren Wiseman

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