Star Munchkin Clown Wars


This is a new type of card. Rooms are found in the Door deck. When a Room appears face-up, it means you have entered that room. Follow the instructions on the Room card. Room effects take place immediately and last only for that turn.

When you draw a Room face-down, keep it in your hand. It may be played on any player immediately after he kicks down a door, as long as the card he drew is not a Room. (If two Rooms are played on the same turn, the first one to hit the table is the one that counts, and the other one is returned to the one who played it.) If a player is faced with both a monster and a Room, resolve the Room first…but if the Room comes with its own monsters, add any monsters the player found when he kicked down the door. He fights them together!

A Wandering Monster can be played into a Room as though it were a regular combat, even if there is no other monster in the Room.

If a Room contains no monsters and the player survives its other effects, he may then Loot The Room and/or Look For Trouble normally, unless the card says otherwise. If he Looks For Trouble, any monsters he finds follow the rules on the Room card.

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