Munchkin Waiting for Santa

This expansion can be used with just the Munchkin core set, or with as many expan- sions as you like. However, the more cards you use, the more you dilute the special interactions in this set (especially the Santa monsters). If you want to improve your chances of seeing the special cards from this expansion, you can leave them out of each deck while you shuffle the rest of the cards. When you are done, take the top inch or so of cards from the Door deck, shuffle the Waiting For Santa Door cards into that stack, and replace it on top of the Door deck. Do the same with the Treasure cards


Game Design by Steve Jackson Illustrated by John Kovalic

Chief Operating Officer: Philip Reed

Art Director: Will Schoonover

Munchkin Czar: Andrew Hackard

Production Artist: Alex Fernandez

Database Creator: Monica Stephens

Prepress Checker: Will Schoonover

and Monica Stephens

Print Buyer: Philip Reed

Marketing Director: Paul Chapman

Director of Sales: Ross Jepson

Playtesters: Sean Anderson, Jimmie Bragdon, Jason Cates, Stephen Cole, Bill Cowern, Kaaren Davis, Russell Gaskamp, Roberto Gines, Robert Hood, Ashley Humphries, Jed Humphries, Freya Jackson, Richard Kerr, John LaRoche, Warren McKenzie, Scott Phelps, Nicholas Vacek, Loren Wiseman, and Erik Zane.

Munchkin and Waiting For Santa are trademarks, and the all-seeing pyramid is a registered trademark, of Steve Jackson Games Incorporated. Munchkin Waiting For Santa copyright © 2009 by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated. All rights reserved. Rules version 1.0 (September 2009).

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