Munchkin Reloaded

The dungeon personnel clerk looked bored as she took down the party’s stats. “And you are…” she drawled.

“A Dark Dwarf.”

“Of course you are. How about you?”

“A High Halfling.”

“No chewing on the furniture. What about you?”

“A Master Warrior.”

Sighing, the clerk closed her book. “Please stand over there, on the big black X, while I read you the Three Rules. Rule One: Do not feed the trolls. Rule Two: You don’t have to outrun the monsters; you just have to outrun your friends. And Rule Three…” Her voice trailed off as she stepped back behind her desk.

As the door slammed shut in front of the party and the rumbling started above them, they heard her shout: “Rocks fall, everyone dies!” Original PDF