Munchkin Booty 2


Ye will notice that each of the four main branches of the U.S. Armed Forces has a bonus against one monster. We ain't forgetting the other branches. If ye are a member or former member of any of the other uniformed services (such as the Coast Guard) or in their reserves, ye start the game with an extra level and our thanks. If ye be pirates from another land, we encourage ye to house-rule the cards to honor yer own servicemen.


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Designed by Steve Jackson • Illustrated by John Kovalic

Assistant Developer: Will Schoonover

Playtest Coordinator: Randy Schuenemann

Chief Operating Officer: Phil Reed

Munchkin Czar: Andrew Hackard

Production Artist: Alex Fernandez

Prepress Checker: Monica Stephens

Director of Sales: Ross Jepson

Marketing Director: Paul Chapman

Playtesters: Jimmie Bragdon, Andrew Hackard, Richard Kerr, Loren Wiseman, Ross Drews, and the players in the Saturday session at the 2008 Penny Arcade Expo.

Munchkin, Munchkin Booty, and Jump the Shark are trademarks, and Warehouse 23, the all-seeing pyramid, and the names of all products published by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated are trademarks or registered trademarks, of Steve Jackson Games Incorporated, or used under license. Dork Tower characters are copyright © John Kovalic. Munchkin Booty 2–Jump the Shark is copyright © 2009, 2010 by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated. All rights reserved. Rules version 1.5 (August 2010).

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